Shower Bunk

Shower Bunk
Shower Bunk Vanity Side Shower Bunk

New Shower Bunk

AA Truck Sleeper has just introduced a completely redesigned Shower Bunk™. The bunk attaches to virtually any existing sleeper & provides professional drivers the ability to have their own personal shower and commode anywhere and everywhere they go!

The new design affords more flexibility and can be configured to add virtually all the amenities present in a large custom sleeper but without the length, weight, or COST! It can be “booted” to the back of your factory sleeper, or fully integrated and installed on air-ride suspension.

Shower BunkShower Bunk Vanity Side

Standard Features of the Shower Bunk™ include:

  • Stand up lighted shower area (32” x 32” x 80”) complete with faucet, handset showerhead, hose, shower curtain & rod.
  • Thetford Cassette Toilet self contained system with push button 12v electric flush & toilet paper storage compartment. Small door outside provides access to the slide out waste holding tank for easy disposal.
  • Heated changing area with ceiling vent fan and electric outlet for optional 110 power.
  • Vinyl linoleum floor.
  • Large rear or side entrance door and optional “booted” entrance from cab or sleeper.